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Monday, 29 April 2013

Irish Beauty Show and Toronto Haul

Back in Jan/Feb this year, my work were nice enough to send me to Toronto for a week. Even better was that the office was in the centre of the city, right beside a huge mall called the Eaton Centre. As I knew I was going to the USA later in the year, I didn't buy too much but I did find a few really nice polishes over there.

First up is Sephora 'Chaotic'. This is a black and white topper with smaller and larger circles as well as bar glitter. This reminds me of Loreal's new polish - Confetti as well as Lynnderella's 'Connect the Dots'.

Opi's 'Live and Let Die' is a deep, dark green. A great colour for winter. I featured a picture of this in my previous post. This was on sale in a beauty store in the Eaton Centre!

I also bought Revlon's 'Celestial' in Shopper's Drug Mart. This has stars and moon-shaped glitter. I do like this polish but I found it hard to get the glitter to 'stick' and had to fish a bit to get them on my nail. I did also buy Revlon's 'Girly' which I couldn't find when I took the photo. It's a bit like a yoghurt, very pretty, but hard to turn it fully opaque.

In the picture below, I also have Color Club's 'Space Case'. This is my first Color Club. I got this on ebay. I love the idea of pink and glitter. Unfortunately the glitter isn't as strong on the nail but it's still a very fun shade.

Since I love pink and sparkle, I just had to buy this nail file too!

L-R: Color Club 'Space Case', OPI 'Live and Let Die', Revlon 'Celestial', Sephora 'Chaotic, 'Essence 'Ticket to the Show' 
Before I headed to the US, I went to the Irish Beauty Show in the RDS. For anyone who has never gone before, you must go next year if you like bargains! I applied for the free tickets online which arrived a few days before the show. I headed over early to beat the crowds. 

My favourite stand was a huge display with every OPI known to man, all priced at 6! I couldn't believe it. Of course the stand was mobbed so you needed to be patient to get what you wanted. 

I picked up from the EuroCentrale collection and Pirouette my Whistle from the Ballet collection, which I had been wanting for quite a while! I also bought a leopard nail file since leopard is another of my favourite things. They came in this beautiful OPI bag. 

At another stand I found Essies for 5.50. I got Merino Cool which is another shade I have been wanting for a while and Splash of Grenadine for my mum. 

L-R: Essie 'Splash of Grenadine', OPI 'Pirouette My Whistle', OPI '', Esseie 'Merino Cool'
Overall, it was a great experience. I looked at all the other stands too and saw lots of cool accessories and different brands. I will definitely be going back next year.


  1. Oohh nice haul! Would love to visit Toronto!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I was lucky to be sent, unfortunately it was veeeery cold so I probably didn't see it as its best. Still, can't complain!


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