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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Recent USA Haul

Recently I went on holiday to Philadelphia in the USA. It was a girly shopping trip with my friend. Of course no 1 on the shopping agenda was nails!

I picked up a few polishes while I was over there. I have so many already that it's becoming hard to shop without picking up dupes!

L-R: Face Stockholm 'Glowing, Glowing Gone' , Fake Stockholm 'Neon Sunset', Nails Inc 'Porchester Square'
I picked up the Face Stockholms in J Crew of all places, where they were both on sale. These are even more neon in real life. The Nails Inc is a polish I have been craving for a while and came from the shop attached to the QVC headquarters in West Chester, PA. If you are ever stuck for something to do while in Pennsylvania, I actually highly recommend you visit. I have never even seen QVC and I was impressed with the studio tour.

L-R: Zoya 'Logan, Revlon 'Whimsical', Essie 'Shine of the Times'
I bought the Zoya in Ulta, a beauty shop I had been dying to go to. I had wanted this Zoya for months after seeing it in Toronto earlier in the year. The colour is amazing on.

The Revlon is a polish I have seen on a lot of blog posts before. I got this one in a drugstore. Finally, the Essie is a flakey polish which is quite hard to find now. I was delighted to find it in a shop in an outlet mall outside the city. It doesn't photograph very well, it's much more duochrome red/green. I was really surprised to see it there as it has been discontinued for a while.

Overall, I think I did really well and managed to keep myself pretty restrained! I did buy a Clarisonic however which I plan to feature in an upcoming post.



  1. Delighted to find your blog through Boards! Hello! Love your haul the Revlon varnish is lovely!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! My first one! Your blog is amazing :)


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