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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Clarisonic Review - My Experience So Far...

While I was in the US in mid-March, I decided to buy a Clarisonic. One of my good friends has had one for about 6 months and raved about it. It also seemed to be recommended in a lot of magazines and didn't seem to be as faddy as other electronic devices I'd seen.

A Clarisonic is basically a 'sonic cleansing' device. It is supposed to clean skin deeper than traditional methods and smooth your skin. Many people report that their adult acne is reduced using one. My skin is not bad but I do suffer from spots occasionally and often have small bumps on my skin.

The official photo of the Clarisonic Plus

I took the plunge at Sephora and decided to go for a pink Clarisonic Plus. I went for the Plus over the Mia 2 as the Plus can do your body as well as your face. I wear a lot of tan and thought it would be great for helping to take it off, especially around places like my underarms and elbows. It is also supposed to be good for ingrown hair-prone areas.

For the first few days the Clarisonic worked really well. I was using it on my face and it appeared a bit fresher and smoother, like I was wearing primer when I wasn't. I was using the sensitive brush which came in the pack.

I didn't try the body brush until about a week after. It stopped working after a few minutes but I put it down to being low on charge, even though it had been charged recently. I tried three more times to use it but the same thing happened, with it shutting down soon after a full charge when it's supposed to work for 20.

The only parts of the Clarisonic I have right now!

I sent it back to Clarisonic which is unfortunately in the UK and so had to pay for postage. They explained they thought the charger was at fault and somehow putting off the device so two weeks later I received my Clarisonic back with a new charger.

The problems started back immediately. It's currently making its way back to Clarisonic for a full replacement. I am left with no Clarisonic for a few weeks.

I am a bit disappointed as it did seem to be working really well so I really want to get into a routine of using it. Clarisonic are very good at communicating but I would just love to have a working one at this stage!

I am hoping to do another review when I have had it back a few weeks to help anyone who is thinking of purchasing one as it's a big investment!

I do think my case is unusual and it hasn't put me off just yet, hopefully once it returns I can form a proper view on it.

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