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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Haul! Recent Nail and Beauty Buys

Hi Folks,

I thought I would show you all the things I have picked up recently.

Back Row: Orly Sapphire Silk, Lancome Flash Bronzer, No7 Cleansing Balm, Garnier Beauty Oil, Dove Get Fresh
Front Row: Caviar Set, Nail Tape, Loreal Lash Architect, Maybelline Colour Show in Rain Forest Canopy and Shooting Stars, Penneys Exfoliating Foot Mask

I picked up Orly's Sapphire Silk as I saw a girl wearing a colour similar to this on and thought it looked lovely. I haven't tried this yet. I got it from Ebay.

I absolutely love fake tan and have it on 90% of the time. However, I have a lot of allergies and so am allergic to a lot of brands. I find Lancome Flash Bronzer Mousse works well for me. Normally it's pretty pricey but I found out it was only €15 in the airport. People in my office travel a lot so I asked my friend to have a look for it and she brought me back two, hurray! This applies very nicely, I would maybe like it a little darker but it means no rashes which is good enough! :)

I just bought No7 Cleansing Balm yesterday. I am looking for a non-drying cream cleanser to use with my Clarisonic. I had a 6.50 No7 voucher so I thought I would try this. First impressions are very good but time will tell! :)

I bought Garnier's Beauty Oil for use as a moisturiser I could pop on in the morning and not get covered in residue getting dressed. I do really like this BUT the smell is horrible, like a perfume an older woman would wear. It's really putting me off using it. This came from a UK website called They delivered quickly and also stocked my favourite discontinued hand cream which is why I used them.

I took a trip down Henry St this week and saw the massive Dealz. I normally am not down that area so I ran in to see if they had any beauty bargains. Was delighted to find my favourite discontinued Dove roll on in there for 1.49. I bought 4... This has a lovely clean, fresh scent and each one lasts ages.

Also when in Dealz, I spotted this caviar manicure set. At only 1.49, who could say no? I hope to feature this in an upcoming blog post.

The nail tapes came from Ebay also. At only 2.71 for 30 of them, with free shipping, this was an absolute bargain!

Another eastendcosmetics buy was the Loreal Lash Architect. I am in love with mascara but dislike paying €16 for it in Boots. This was 5.49 pounds which is much more reasonable.

I love anything different with my nails so of course I was drawn to these new Maybelline polishes. At only about 7 for the two, I had to buy both! I will have an upcoming post on these.

Finally, I bought another Penneys Foot Mask. Have a look at my old review here. This is only 3.50 and Penneys Dundrum had a big stock of them Friday night. It's almost a month since I used it so time to try it again and see how effective it is the second time!

Hope you enjoyed my haul and mini review of the products. Would love to hear your opinions of any of the products I bought!



  1. never heard of eastend cosmetics before, thanks for the heads up. love the nail polishes.x

  2. Thanks, eastend were pretty good, looks like a lot of discontinued stuff on there. I used parcel motel as eastend gave me free shipping within the UK.


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