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Monday, 6 May 2013

Parcel Motel Review

As an avid online shopper, a lot of stuff I buy is from UK websites. I do encounter a few problems with them though.

  • Sometimes websites charge quite a lot more to deliver to Ireland (e.g. free shipping to the UK, a tenner to Ireland).
  • Sometimes websites automatically change the currency to Euro and jack up the price.
  • And some websites just don't deliver to Ireland at all.  

I recently found out about Parcel Motel. Basically it gives you an address in Northern Ireland which works with all the UK websites. Your item gets delivered there and then couriered down to Ireland. You can pick it up from a number of locations across Dublin.

I previously used to get my friend to post things from her address in the UK but I'm sure she wasn't delighted about that so I didn't use her too often.

picture taken from

I decided to give it a go as the first two deliveries are free, then €3.50 after that.

I spotted a pair of Clarks runner shoes which were on sale at 30 pounds on their website but €60 in the shop in Dundrum. I had been eyeing them for a while as I love flat shoes but find it hard to find any with decent support that aren't full on runners.

I sent them off to Parcel Motel. Clarks said they would arrive in NI on a Thursday. I got an email from Parcel Motel that Thursday to tell me they had arrived. Then, at 10pm that day, it was delivered to the locker in my local pub's car park!

The next day I headed over, armed with my pin which had been emailed and texted to me. I typed in my phone number and then the pin and then a door magically opened. My delivery was sitting inside.

My new Clarks 'Idyllic' runner shoes. Sparkley!

I tried it a second time with similar results. The item is delivered only a few hours after it arrives in the North. I am definitely going to use this for a lot of my UK purchases as it's so quick and easy to use. The pub location is only 5 minutes from my house too.

I have no connection with Parcel Motel other than being a two time customer. I am delighted with the service, it will make UK shopping a lot easier!

You can find Parcel Motel at

1 comment:

  1. I hate it when companies over in England charge loads to ship over here. This is such a great thing, I love it!
    I just went on the website and turns out there's one only 5 mins from my house!
    Thanks so much, Love your blog btw!


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