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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Lancome Gloss in Love - Review and Swatches

Lancome launched Rouge in Love in 2012 and this year they have a new collection - Gloss in Love. There are 12 new Gloss in Love shades, two of which I was kindly sent to review.

The brushes come with a neat applicator, much wider than I'm used to, and which gives better colour payoff. 

These glosses are quite sheer. I took photos of them with and without lipstick. Personally I think they work best over lipstick as I like a nice bit of colour on my lips.

Matchy-matchy with my nails!
Colour 146
Colour 162
The lipglosses definitely aren't sticky or tacky. Due to the micro glitter in them, as they fade, you are still left with a faint glitter on your lips which is quite pretty.

Gloss in Love - 162 on its own
162 Over Mac - Chatterbox
146 on its own
146 Over Mac - Hue
The collection also includes four new Vernis in Love nail polishes which look really pretty - the kind of colours which would like nice on everyone.

I haven't seen the swatches but I do really like all the colours, hopefully the colour payoff is good and they are as striking as in the picture.

The lipsticks also look really pretty, a lot of striking colours for summer. I will admit I don't own any Rouge in Love lipsticks but I like the look of the 3rd, 4th and 5th from left in particular.

Hope you enjoyed the collection!

xxx Rach

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