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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mini Haul - Penneys and Boots

Hi everyone, 

I was in Penneys Dundrum the other day, and I noticed they had doubled the size of their Essence stand. They have lots of new goodies so I thought I would try a few things out. Essence are so cheap, I bought 4 items and it came in under a tenner! 

I wear liquid eyeliner every day and I hate cleaning my eyeliner brushes. I like to use a fresh brush each time. These two bring my collection up to 6 so I can just wash them all each week rather than doing it every few days. 

I'm not sure what exactly I'll use the pots for - maybe some glitter gradients or nail art. The gel style nails are little transfers you can put over your nail. Not sure if they will be any good but price is decent so I might as well try! :)

I also bought this lovely hairclip. I don't actually wear this out on the street, but I like to section my hair when I dry it and also like to keep it up when I sleep. 

My Boots haul is less imaginative - pads for removing make up and polish and a set of razors, reduced to half price. 

I think this haul only cost me about €16 which I think is fairly good for seven items! 

Do prefer saving for special items or buying smaller things more often? I have to say, I like both. Essence is great for a little pick-me-up but I love my designer brands too!




  1. I'm interested to see those gel things in use, I always mean to buy them but just leave them back down!

    1. Think I might try them next week. At least if they're terrible, it was only about 2.50 down the drain! :)


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