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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Present from my Mummy! OPI, Lancome and Essie! Plus Mink Visit!

I definitely inherited my love of make up from my mum. She loves buying cosmetics as much as I do and sometimes she is generous enough to buy me a few things!

She knew I was really excited about the Alber Elbaz collection for Lancome, she picked me up the Lancome Hypnose Star mascara. I have never used Hypnose Star but I have used Hypnose and Drama. I tried this one for the first time today and I am really impressed!

Here is a photo of me with one eye 'naked' and one with one coat of Hypnose Star. Since I'm red haired, my lashes are naturally blonde so I look like I have none without mascara so it's really important for me!

Since I passed my exam a few weeks ago, she brought me to Mink in Ballsbridge for a pedi. We both went for a 'Marine Pedicure'. I have only been to Mink Donnybrook before. This one is soooo much bigger. In my opinion it's nicer, I would try to go here if it's much of a muchness between the two.

This was my mum's first ever pedi and I think she's hooked! I feel like a drug pusher, she's already planning her next visit! I would put a photo of my finished pedi but my feet are not pretty! I got a hot pink shade and am really happy with the cuticle work etc. Really nice treat.

At the till, she treated me to Essie's 'In the Cab-ana' and OPI's Avoplex Cuticle Oil on the Go. What I really like about the Avoplex is it makes it so much easier to apply. I already have CND's Solar Oil but this is a bit more handy.

I haven't got any turquoise polishes so I thought this one looked pretty!

One thing I would say is that Essie polishes are very overpriced here at €15. You can get them a lot cheaper in places like McCabes at €10 or online even cheaper.

Does your mum share your love of make up?




  1. Essie is awful overpriced here, but they are a brilliant brand and that's a lovely colour! The mascara looks lovely on you x

    1. Awh, thanks! I have no eyelashes without mascara so it's a must for me! :)

  2. Your mum has great taste! Like mother like daughter, eh? xo

    1. My mum definitely brought me up to like make up! She's such an enabler too! :) It's fun to have someone to share it with anyway!

  3. I can't wait to pick up one or two of those Essie polishes, particularly that turquoise. I've been avoiding Boots lately, but it's so pretty. I'm also trying to resist the Alber Elbaz Lancome mascaras. Hard to justify since I already have a couple from the Hypnose range, but I really love the one with the eyes!

    Lovely gifts from your mum!

    1. Try buying them on ebay. Beautyzone2007 has fairly cheap prices including shipping for a lot of brands. Lancome mascaras are definitely the best, I think I will be buying more Hypnose star when this runs out!


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