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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Barbie Nails! Loose Glitter Pink Gradient NOTD

Hi Everyone!

I have had a really busy week. I have an exam coming up at the end of September and this week I attended a tutorial for it. These three days are the only days of teaching I will get, I am on my own now!

I also went to my Dad's partner's home in sunny Wexford, we brought the dog and had a great time going for walks and going to the beach.

Before we went, I did my nails. I bought some loose glitter a while ago but never really used it. I thought I would try it as a gradient. I used one of favourite Essies - Lovie Dovie.

I did two coats and before I applied topcoat and while it was not 100% dry, used a fan brush to drag the glitter from the middle to top. I did this a few times until I got the coverage I wanted.

I then topped with a topcoat. It is still a bit grainy to touch with the topcoat, but not as bad as some glitters.

Blurry to see the sparkle!
I think this is such a fun look! It reminds me of Barbie nails, especially with the pink on pink. The glitter looks less grainy in real life and it's not too full on either since it's pink on pink. I might try this with other base colours to see what it's like.

Have you ever tried loose glitter? What do you think?




  1. That's so cute, I love using loose glitter, I think it works really well!

  2. It looks really sweet! I haven't tried loose glitter in a long time, I never think of using it the way it is x

    1. Yeah, I bought it ages ago and thought it'd work like this. It's something different anyway! :)

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