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Sunday, 18 August 2013

He Shi Dark Foaming Mousse Review - Tried and Tested!

Hi Everyone,

Busy week this week. Went to London for three days for work and then was asked to stay an extra day. Glad to be at home relaxing this weekend.

Recently, I tried out a new tan that I was kindly given - He Shi. I had tried it before in a spray tan at my local salon but never at home. I also didn't know it was actually an Irish brand.

I tried out the Dark Foaming Mousse. I have been wearing tan for 11 years now, once a week every week! I really like a good dark colour so I was really excited to try it out.

Firstly, I used the scrub gloves to remove all traces of my old tan and exfoliate my skin. This is such an important step as it prepares your skin for the tan and without it, any tan will go patchy quickly.

I like to moisturise my hands and feet beforehand too so that the tan doesn't catch as much on them as they have a tendency to suck up on colour on me!

Next, I used my nitrile gloves (as I'm allergic to latex) to apply it to my legs, arms, body and face. I like to use gloves to ensure my hands get no tan on them. I do my hands separately afterwards.

The mousse spreads easily and dries quickly. It's not sticky and has a good amount of guide colour so you can see where it went.

I like to do my tan in the evening and wash it off in the morning. I left this on for about 9 hours before taking it off.

Here you can see how it turned out. I didn't put the tan all the way up my leg so you can see my natural colour. I am veeeeery pale without tan so there's a great contrast.

The colour is lovely and even and has a nice dark intensity.

Here you can see my lovely freckles! :)
I am a natural redhead and very pale without tan. Some people say that redheads can't wear dark tan but I disagree. With pale skin you really do need flawless application as mistake will be more obvious - the white patches will be whiter!

I made sure to moisturise over the week to ensure the tan stayed on and faded nicely rather than flaking away. This is another key step in the 'tanning cycle'. I found after a week, the tan still looked really good, kind of like a recent of a lighter tan. I did not have white and dark patches. I did start to scrub it off at this stage and it came off as usual.

Close up of the colour change on my leg
I really love this tan and will definitely be using it every week or second week until the bottle is empty.

One word of warning - dark tan in general is something that is not really suitable for novices. I would suggest not buying this as your first ever tan. For a seasoned tan user who knows the ins and outs of tanning, it's perfect.

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  1. Wow that is a great one, colour is lovely on you:) As a tan novice though I may stray away but one to tell people of.


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