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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Lancome's DreamTone Launch!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Lancome's new skincare product DreamTone in the Morrison Hotel.

Pink was definitely the theme of the night, with the room bathed in a gentle rose pink light.

DreamTone is a pigmentation corrector from LancĂ´me which corrects the appearance of dark spots, uneven skin tone and colour irregularities. It uses a new approach to treating age spots and is supposed to help women achieve the skin tone of their dreams! Sounds pretty good!

Lancome have spent seven years developing this product, including having 9 patents out on the product which is very impressive! Interestingly, it comes in three different formulations, for different skin colours, as different skin tones can suffer more from certain problems than others.

What was particularly impressive was that Vivienne Parry was one of the speakers. She is a science journalist who was on Tomorrow's World back in the 90's. This was one of my favourite shows as a kid!
Vivienne's on the right
She certainly added some extra scientific rigour to the event. I was actually very impressed by the detail of science that Lancome went in to. Apparently they are showing the findings of some of their research at dermatology conferences which suggests there is more to this product than just marketing. ProXylane is apparently the name of the new ingredient. Lancome told us that the research has overturned all of their previous long-term studies on the causes of pigmentation, so it sounds like this really is a ground-breaking new formula.

Part of the study involved 4,437 subjects and another part, reserach on skin tone, involved 1,500. This makes the actuary in me happy as brands are known to use very small sample sizes for their research, meaning the results are unlikely to be statistically significant.

I'm such a nerd, I noticed straight away this was not a perfect square therefore not 64 are shown! (It's actually 66)
This product isn't available until the 15th of August in Brown Thomas Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway and then available nationwide from the 1st of September. Despite the price of €87 for 40ml, waiting lists are already forming!

Unfortunately, at the time there no samples available so I can't tell you how good it is in person so you'll have to investigate when it's out later this month. We did get a very generous gift bag of Lancome products which I am currently trying, such as a really great contouring brush and some cleansing products.

What do you think of the new product? Are you glad to see brands moving to a more scientific basis for their products?




  1. It looks really interesting and is definitely something I'd be interested in because a combo of dark circles, freckles and redness makes my skintone pretty uneven looking. I don't think I could ever spend €87 on one product though...unless it does work miracles and I see the proof!

    1. It will be interesting to see the reviews that come out once people start using it. The science definitely sounds impressive!


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