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Thursday, 29 August 2013

NOTD! Berry Pink Holo Nails - Orly's Miss Conduct

Hi Everyone,

Today's nails is Orly's Miss Conduct. I bought this colour on Ebay after seeing it on another blogger's top ten nail colours list.

with flash and a bit of blur to see the shimmer
I actually bought this at Christmas as it has a great sparkle to it. I thought it would be a nice colour for the transition from summer to autumn too as has a nice deep berry pink colour.

no flash
This has a really great holo shimmer and looks amazing in sunshine and under bright lights.

I'm pretty pleased with the shape of my nails here too, I got a really sharp square which is my favourite shape right now.

In daylight
It also goes on really nice and only needs two coats. The formula is smooth and the Orly brush is really nice - it has a rubberised finish and is easy to hold.

you can really see the holo in the bottle
I think this is a colour that everyone needs in their polish collection. Go forth and buy!




  1. It's beautiful, every swatch I see makes me want it a little bit more but I always forget about it! Your nails are a gorgeous shape x

  2. Thanks, I am really happy with the shape right now. You should buy it too! x


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