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Friday, 23 August 2013

NOTD! Color Club Space Case - Glittery Barbie Nails

Hi Everyone,

Today I have on Color Club's Space Case. I think I found this colour from some pictures on google images of something else. It is my first Color Club purchase.

In the bottle, it's very eye-catching. Bright pink polish with glitter.

On the nail it's a bit disappointing shimmer, the glitter doesn't really show up. The polish also has a slightly weird, gritty texture. It doesn't level as nicely as other colours do. You would probably get away with two coats but I used three to fully even it out.

It has also started chipping after only one day which is disappointing too.

On the plus side, the colour is very striking and there is a nice shimmer in the mixture as well as a glitter. I do love the colour, just not the consistency.

Do you suffer from a love-hate relationship with some polishes?


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