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Sunday, 29 September 2013

NOTD! New Giorgio Armani Nail Polish Collection feat Parma Greige

Hi Everyone,

Giorgio Armani are releasing a new nail polish collection. I love Armani perfumes and have heard great things about the make up line so I was really interested to see what the polishes looked like.

There are 18 shades, under three colour trends - Acqua, Reds and Beiges. The Acquas are six variations on the Armani Bleu and have a pearl finish. The reds are pretty self explanatory and the beiges run from nude to pink to greige. It's one of the beiges - ' 103 Parma Greige' that I was given to sample.

Apparently the polish was inspired by car lacquer - a high gloss finish and quick drying.

Apparently the polish is made from a new type of formulation, combining two types of resin and polymer to give a topcoat finish without a topcoat. The photos above show two coats of polish without a topcoat. It definitely has a good shine to it!

Armani also say that the brush is a new design, with a longer, thinner brush which doesn't need to be dipped a second time during each nail's application. I have to say I didn't notice it much more than any other polish but it did apply nicely.

Armani do suggest you can use just one coat and although one coat gives an non-streaky and opaque coverage, I did prefer the effect with two coats.

I really like this colour and already have a few that are similar; I thought it would be interesting to compare them.
L-R: Nails Inc Basil St. Orly Country Khaki, Giorgio Armani Parma Beige, Nails Inc Porchester Square
You can see from the comparison that it's most like Nails Inc Porchester Square but there's a bit more of a pinky purple hue to the Armani. It's definitely a different tone to the other two colours.

I decided to add an accent nail of a pinky-purple glitter from Barry M as I love the contrast of pinks and nudes.

 I also added a topcoat of Seche Vite to add an extra shiny glossiness to it.

So far, I am really loving this colour. I was even complemented on my nails by the gym receptionist today!

They will be available in Brown Thomas Dublin and Cork from the 15th October 2013, with an RRP of €24.00. Yes, it is pricey but in line with other brands such as YSL, Dior and Chanel. I suppose this is the type of polish that's great for a payday treat!




  1. That's a really great colour, I don't own any greys, might invest!

  2. Thanks, it's lasting really well too! :)


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