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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

NOTD! Purple Holo Nails from Claire's and Exam Freedom!

Hi Folks,

Yesterday I sat the exam I have been studying for since the start of the summer. For any actuaries reading, it was ST8. For the non actuaries, it is a pretty tough exam in how to price insurance products like home, car, business, etc.

The pass rates for these exams are pretty low so you are more likely to fail than pass on average. I still feel like I gave it a good shot so we'll see in a few months when results come out. I gave it my all anyway!

Now that I have a lot more free time, I can post more often. Of course, I found some time to do my nails yesterday with another cheapy polish I bought from Claires. It is a purple holo with no name.

Like most holos, it looks amazing under the kind of lights you find in offices and bathrooms. In low light, it's a little less interesting.

Blurry to show the sparkle!
This has quite a rough texture, it's a fine glitter probably just suspended in a clear base.

I felt that two coats was enough but I don't think three would hurt. I can imagine this will be annoying to remove though!

Overall, I think this was a great buy for only a €1! As I mentioned before (here), Claire's have a new polish range which looks really exciting with a wide range of new colours and new bottles.



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