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Friday, 15 November 2013

NOTD! Market Stall OPI!

Hi Everyone,

As I mentioned in my last post, while I was in a random UK town, I visited their market. There was a make up stand with a lot of discontinued products. While most of it was rubbish, I was drawn to the small selection of OPIs.

I picked up this colour. While I can't say for sure as there was no sticker, I believe it is 'I don't give a Rotterdam' from the Holland Collection. The other one it could be is 'I have a Herring Problem'. I had been interested in this colour when it first came out so I thought why not...

I am further drawn to that conclusion as many of the other colours he had seemed to be from that collection too. He charged me £5, which I thought wasn't super cheap considering this was a market stall. I later saw you can get a lot of OPIs for £4 on FragranceDirect (here) including a lot of the Holland Collection.

Anyway, the colour is lovely. Very different from anything else I own. It reminds me of denim. I used two coats here, a third probably wouldn't go amiss... I've had it on about 5 days now with very minimal chipping, probably because the formula is quite thin. 

Overall, I really like this and am glad I picked it up when I did, even if it did come from a dodgy market stall!




  1. Such a lovely colour! I agree, it does remind slightly of denim ...

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