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Sunday, 17 November 2013

NOTD! Ombre Nails and Actuary Ball

Hi Everyone!

Last night I went to the Actuary Ball. It's the first time it's been on in quite a few years and I was on the committee for organising it too. I had a really great night. Of course a big night out calls for lots of beauty treatments!

I picked out this lovely dress back in the summer, it's the Coast Greta Maxi for anyone who is interested.

I love ombre nails so I did a hot and light pink mix to go with the dress.

I used two colours for this, both Essies. The light pink is Essie Fiji and the darker one is Essie Punchy Pink which is now sadly discontinued.

I used the normal technique of painting my nail in the lighter colour (two coats) and then using a wedge sponge painted with a striped of each to dab on the colour.

Personally, I find this a really easy technique. The only thing you need to do is clean up your finger afterwards as the colours get on your skin!

In my opinion, the result looks great and I got a lot of complements on it.

I also got my make up done in Inglot. It was my first time getting my make up there and it was a really great experience. I think I will go back during the Xmas season for my Xmas party look!

Here is a closeup of the make up before the hair was done. You can't see the lovely glitter on my lids but it looked amazing!

I got my hair done in my favourite salon, Ebano Ballinteer. Rachel did my hair and she is brilliant. The curls looked natural but 'done' and she gave me great volume too. They can work with extensions too.

Overall, between the beauty treatments and the night itself, I had a great time.

Have you tried ombre nails before? What do you think of my attempt?




  1. You looked beautiful, stunning.

  2. Doesn't look like an attempt to me at all, they're a perfect match to your gĂșna! Huge well done for an amazing accomplishment - you looked stunning on the night too xx

    1. Thanks so much, was so pleased with the result! x

  3. You look stunning Rachel, and your nails match perfectly, you got it spot on. x


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