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Friday, 6 December 2013

Danger! Cosmetics to Go - Book Review

Hi Everyone,

Last week I was invited to Lush Dublin's book launch of 'Danger, Cosmetics to Go' by Mira Manga. This book chronicles the rise and fall of the company before Lush - Cosmetics to Go.

I love books about cosmetics and have a few already (Kevyn Aucoin, Bobbi Brown, Warpaint by Lindy Woodhead which I HIGHLY recommend, the books, The Ultimate Beauty Bible, etc) so I was really excited to hear about this book.

Various covers of the mail order catalogue
Cosmetics to Go was a mail order company where many of Lush's most famous products were invented, such as the bath bomb. The founders initially made products for the Body Shop, then went out on their own.

With lots of beautiful photos and an engaging narrative by author Mira Manga, this book takes you through the people, the products and the history of the company. If you are a Lush fan, you will be interested to read about the invention of some of your favourite products.

I don't want to spoil the book too much, but Cosmetics to Go eventually collapsed and it's really interesting to read about the fall of a company that basically failed because it was so successful!

Mira, the author, was asked by Mark Constantine OBE, LUSH Co-founder and Managing Director, to write the book after he read some of her self penned accounts of disastrous dating encounters that were illicitly passed to him by a colleague! I got to meet her at the event and she is so nice.

Myself and the Author, Mira Manga
I was lucky enough to receive a signed copy.

I also got to see all of Lush's Xmas collection which is really super. If you think they just do bath bombs, you are mistaken! They have things like fragrances, shower gels, make up, everything you could want basically!

The Xmas bath bombs are super cute, with some shaped like Santa or a penguin. They have beautiful Chrismassy scents. There are some lovely gift boxes available for all budgets too.

Overall, I think this book would be a brilliant present for anyone who likes reading and cosmetics. I really enjoyed it. It's available now in Lush stores.

Do you like reading about beauty too?




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