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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Glitter Ombre Nails

Hi Everyone,

Recently I tried out my ombre technique using glitter instead of normal polish.

I used Nails Inc Baker St and OPI's Crown Me Already. I started with two coats of the blue. I was really pleased withthe application, I feel like I'm getting better at application and not having to clean up as much.

Pre cleanup! :)
The glitter was applied using a sponge. I dabbed a bit on each nail. The effect was quite nice but I found it hard to actually have control over the mix of large and small glitters. I would prefer all the large ones up at the tip of the nail. I also got a lot of glitter on my skin which was a pain to remove.

The finished effect was nice, but it didn't last long. The large pieces of glitter started detaching themselves, taking the colour with them. It was badly chipped after two days so I removed it.

Overall, I think I need to refine this method, maybe use a different glitter or two coats of topcat...

What do you think?



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