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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Recent Nail Looks!

Hi Everyone,

I have been pretty busy the last while with travel for work and also fending off a sinus infection. I have a holiday to Paris in a few days and then some time off so I'm looking forward to that!

Here are some recent nail looks I did that don't have enough photos for a full post.

This is OPI's Live and Let Die which I picked up in Canada. The accent nail is Essence Make it Golden, now sadly discontinued.

This is Essie Fiji with Essie Shine of the Times flakey topcoat added. The accent nail has a Barry M glitter that I got in Boots. I actually love this Barry M, it has a great shine off it. I really loved this mani and kept it for a week but it eventually got too chipped to carry on.

This final mani is a Christmas themed one, hence the tree in the background! The green is Zoya Logan and the red is Orly's Miss Conduct. They go really well together as they both have a nice shimmer finish.

I decided to try out 'Gelous' between layers in this one after I read something about it being good to keep your mani going for longer so we'll see what happens with that in a future post!

Hope you liked these looks!



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