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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Hi Everyone,

Well 2013 has been quite a year! I fell like I really achieved a lot:

I always like to travel to at least one new place every year. This time I went to Philadelphia in the US for a holiday and Toronto for work. I also went to Edinburgh and Glasgow for work which I've never been to either, despite my Dad being originally from Scotland.

I travelled a lot for work in general, visiting 7 different international offices and going to the UK at least once a month for work. I am really proud of what I achieved in work this year and excited for what 2014 holds.

Over the next year I definitely want to travel more for pleasure - there is a small chance of being able to go to China which would be amazing! I also expect to do more travel to the UK this year. While it's tiring, I feel like I get a lot from it and work on some cool stuff that most people at my level wouldn't be doing!

Of course I also passed a couple of actuary exams. I set my sights pretty high with my actuary exams so I am delighted to have passed everything this year. My goal for this year is to qualify and receive that all important FIA (stands for fellow of the institute of actuaries) aka the FSAI (fellow of the society of actuaries Ireland).

I wanted to be a bit less lazy this year and I think I achieved that. I joined Yoga Dublin for 7 months, regularly going to yoga and Pilates classes. I'm lucky in that I am super stretchy (can wrap my legs around my head!) but I think I gained a lot of strength. While yoga and pilates are fun, they are no good for weight loss so I have joined a gym (Energie). I have not gotten into the flow yet, especially with the Xmas season so, for this year, I want to go more regularly.

Hand in hand with that, I need to be less lazy with food choices and cook myself more healthy dinners. I am not a bad cook and with the addition of a dishwasher last month, I have no excuse!

One big change was my boyfriend graduating from college as a mature student with an honours degree in Computer Science. We are delighted this four-year journey is at an end and he got a really great job which he started back in September. I am so excited that 2014 doesn't have any more college or related stresses and we can have more time to have fun and enjoy ourselves. I am also so proud of my boyfriend for completing it; it's a lot harder when you are supporting yourself and much older than your peers.

For 2014, I really want to be a bit more adventurous. A lot of beauty bloggers seem to have the problem that they buy too make up. I am the opposite! Apart from nail polishes, I am so predictable with make up. I stick to my favourite products and looks, scared to change in case I like something less! This year I want to try more products and styles! That includes my hair, which I wear straight every single day!

I also want to have a more stylish year with clothes, again, maybe expand my wardrobe a bit, more shoes, more dresses, more high end stuff like Ted Baker and Karen Millen. Let's hope the finances allow it!

Finally, a huge accomplishment for me was this blog. I am so grateful for all the support I have received, from the other bloggers in the community and mainly to everyone who reads it. I am delighted to have 20,000 views in 8 months and am so glad people are interested in what I have to say! I hope to upgrade the photos and visuals in the blog this year - maybe work out how to take great photos rather than just iphone ones, but I'm really happy with how it is going.

So, to end this rather rambling post, THANK YOU for reading and here's to a happy 2014!



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  1. Aww lovely post did a very similar one today too! Here's to 2014 and I'm going to try be more adventurous with my makeup purchases too!


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