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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

NOTD! Another Mink Manicure with Artistic Colour Gloss

Hi Everyone,

Just before Xmas I went to Mink Donnybrook with my mum. We both got Artistic Colour Gloss manis which is another version of 'Shellac'.

I have been to Mink a few times before and it's always nice to visit such a classy salon.

Since it was the Xmas season, I wanted something glitzy. I had a mani in mind - a French manicure with a visit. I picked out a pink and gold duo and we got to it.

Just after the mani
One thing that was slightly annoying was the girl put a slightly different colour of pink on my nails than the one I had picked. I didn't notice until I read the name on the bottle and saw it was different. I think I picked out 'Owned' but got 'Manic'. While this colour was slightly more neon, I didn't mind too much and didn't want to make a fuss since a few nails were done already.

I think the manicurist was potentially slightly less at ease than some at doing nail art. She seemed a little unsure about doing a french manicure in glitter. However, she definitely rose to the occasion overall.

Since I was going on holiday, I was delighted to have this on my hands so I didn't need to worry about chips. It wore extremely well, with no chips or anything for the first two weeks.

15 days after original manicure
I eventually took it off myself after about 18 days. It still looked basically perfect apart from one tiny chip but I was bored with the same colour for so long!

Artistic Colour Gloss in Mink is definitely more expensive than getting gel nails in other places at €50 compared with €25 - 35 in a normal salon. The surroundings are definitely about the nicest you will find however and you will get the manicurists full attention. Mink also have OPI and Essie products for normal manicures. ACG's colour range is excellent and the application is long lasting, so if you are looking for a treat, I would recommend it.



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