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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

NOTD! Fun Pink and Glitter Nails

Hi All,

Even though it's winter, I still like to have bright, fun nails some times. Last week, I decided to go for a flamingo pink colour. 

My definition of a flamingo pink is a pink that leans more towards orange/coral. I used Barry M's aptly named Flamingo Pink and topped it with Sinful Colors 'Pinky Glitter'.

The Barry M goes on well and two coats is enough. I added a layer of the Sinful Colors (which I got in Boots in the UK). I imagine this colour wouldn't be great on its own but it's fun over another colour. It's a mixture of fine glitter and small flakeys to give a multicolour shimmer.

I really enjoyed this mani, however it did start to chip badly after only 1.5 days. It had to be taken off earlier than normal as the chips were pretty big. 

hiding the chips with careful thumb placement
It was a very pretty manicure while it lasted though!



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