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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Review: Nail It Magazine

Hi Everyone,

When I was on holiday in the USA last spring, I came across the first issue of a new magazine all about nails. It was called Nail It magazine. Of course I bought it and read it on the flight back. I loved it, it was filled with pictures of nail art, new products and even the ads were amazing!

My thoughts turned to how I could get a hold of it back in Ireland. I found their website at and saw I could subscribe. It was $32 for 6 issues. It is published every 2 months which means $32 covers a year's worth of magazines. That is about £19.50 or €23.50 which makes this magazine very affordable. I subscribed via the website here selecting the 'International' rate.

I will say the first issue takes a while to receive but I have now received four and they do come on time.

I just checked their website and they seem to have made a digital version now too which is available for $14.95. I am unsure what format it's in but it could be well worth investigating.

The magazine itself is great. There are how to's, new products, interviewers with famous bloggers, fashion shoots with arty nails and loads of ads.

ads are fun!
Normally I really hate ads in magazines but these are actually brilliant. They mainly just feature pictures of new colours from all your favourite brands and also introduce you to new brands. I love the ads almost as much as the magazine itself.

I find the magazine really inspiring and I am always so excited to see it has come. It's probably my favourite magazine I've read as it avoids all the relationship stuff and self help other magazines have and sticks to the facts. Nails are a lot more black and white than many other areas of the beauty industry I feel, with less pseudo science and false promises. There is more of a focus on fun and art and this magazine reflects that.
amazing nail art
Interviews with experts
If you have an interest in nails and new products, I would definitely recommend buying this magazine.

Check them out at or their twitter or facebook.



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