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Sunday, 2 February 2014

NOTD! At Home Shellac Attempt in Cocoa

Hi Everyone,

My lovely friend bought me some Shellac goodies at Xmas. I finally had a chance to try it out. She bought me one of my favourite colours, 'Cocoa' which I have gotten in salons quite a few times before.

The result the day after appliaction
I have never tried Shellac or any gel nails before, but I have done my nails a lot and watched a lot of Shellac being done on my own nails so I thought I could give it a try.

Luckily she bought me everything I needed, base coat, top coat, colour, Disperse and ScrubFresh. I already owned a cheapy ebay UV lamp. She told me she bought them on ebay for a reasonable price.

I googled to make sure I had the steps right and off I went. I made sure to do relatively thin layers. I cleaned up each layer pre curing with a brush dipped in acetone to give a sharp line around the cuticles and remove any polish from my skin.

After following all the steps, my nails were good to go!

I took it off 10 days later. There were two small chips on my right hand but my left was fine. It was still extremely glossy as you can see from this photo just before I removed it.

10 days later...
It was super easy to remove. My nails looked great underneath.

I will be buying more gel colours to experiment with as I was so pleased with this experience! Not bad overall for my first time! :)

Have you tried gel nails at home?




  1. Wow, its such a gorgeous shade! I’d love to try it at home but also the effort!

  2. Brill result would love a kit like this for at home!

  3. they look great and the neon pink attempt is fab as well. Would love to buy a kit but find painting my nails such a struggle - its rare they work out well for me :-(


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