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Thursday, 6 February 2014

NOTD! Gelish 'Make you Blink Pink' - Neon Pink

After a successful attempt at do-it-yoursef Shellac, I went onto Ebay to pick my next colour. I decided to go for Gelish's 'Make you Blink Pink' as the images I saw online showed it as a really creamy, bright neon.

Well, it definitely didn't disappoint!

I decided to use my Shellac top and base coat and the Gelish as the colour. The first coat was patchy but the second coat made it perfect.

This is such a fun colour! Neons often suffer from being too transparent but this has such a great depth.

The colour pops like almost nothing I've seen before. It's super bright and super neon. I haven't worn it long enough to comment on the durability of it but I am sure I won't get a full two weeks given that I have had no training in this type of polish.

This is one of my favourite polishes in a long time and I am so happy with how it has turned out.

Hope you like it too!




  1. Thats one of the prettiest pink I have seen, great for spring.

  2. Is gelish available tomorrow n Sally’s beauty or at a store, besides eBay


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