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Friday, 28 March 2014

Jessica Nails - Coral Symphony + NOTD

Hi Everyone,

Jessica Nails have a new collection out for spring/summer - 'Coral Symphony'. I think one of the best ways to change your look from winter to spring/summer is to change the colours you wear on your nails and this collection is great to welcome in the new season!

This is the kind of collection I really like, lots of bright and vibrant colours.

L-R: Monsoon Melon, Tropical Sunset, Starfish Glow, Conch Shell, Ocean Bloom and Sharktooth
I was kindly sent out of the colours - Tropical Sunset. It's a bright pinky red, almost tomato red, almost coral and verging on neon. It's quite different to a lot of other colours I've seen.

I can see myself wearing all the colours, especially Ocean Bloom and Starfish Glow.

I used a base coat, two coats of Tropical Sunset and topcoat. This is definitely a two coater, the colour goes on really smoothly and it's very glossy.

I decided to add a gradient which a light yellow colour to symbolise the sunset.

Having worn it for 3 days now, there have been no chips and the polish is still lovely and shiny.

The Coral Symphony range is available for €12.95 from salons nationwide and online at, amongst others. 



1 comment:

  1. Sounds hard-wearing but I'm not too keen on the colour. I've read a few of these and I'm more a fan of mint (on other people I might add). Stephen :o)


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