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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Models Own Polish for Tans - New Neon Range

Hi Everyone,

Recently I saw that Models Own had a new collection out. It's called 'Polish for Tans' and it's five neon colours that should go well with tanned skin. These neons are a bit more creamy than some neon polishes out there. There are five colours in total, three in the pinky range and two citrus colours.

I was so excited to see this collection as I love any neon colours, but especially creamy ones.

Clockwise from top: Beach Bag, Flip Flop, Bikini, Sun Hat and Shades
I ordered them all the day they launched on the website and they arrived two days later. I used the 6 for £20 offer so I got a nude colour too. It is quite expensive to ship to Ireland so I sent them to my Parcel Motel instead.

Models Own deliveries come in a cute box, very nicely presented.

I decided to try out all the colours at once. My lovely boyfriend proclaimed I looked like I 'had been attacked by highlighters'. Nice!

The colours are pretty bright in real life, probably brighter than in the photos. They all went on really nicely, very opaque after two coats. I found the peachy colour was probably the hardest to use but they were all great really.

Sun Hat is the brightest pink and is one of my favourites. Even though I have a lot of neon pinks already, I don't think I have anything like this one.

Shades is a really great bright coral with a pink hue.

Beach Bag is a bright peach. It reminds me of Flip Flop Fantasy by China Glaze but is slightly more creamy.

Bikini is a creamy neon yellow. I love this colour and have a post coming up soon with this used in a different way. It's so bright but the creaminess adds something over other neon yellows. It's also great how opaque this colour is and that it doesn't need a million coats.

Flip Flop is a neon green. I probably won't get a huge amount of use out of this but I don't have anything like it already.

As with all neons, they do look better with a topcoat.

After a few days of wear, the green has chipped a bit but the rest were still good.

Overall, if you love neons, you need these in your life!

What do you think?



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