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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

NOTD! Neon Gradient Nails

Hi Everyone,

When I bought my new Models Own polishes, there was a deal of 6 for £20. I only wanted 5 from the neon collection so I added a nude colour called Utopia to hit the 6. This colour is nude but there is a hint of lilac to it, making it a justifiable addition to the collection!

 I thought it looked pretty sitting next to the neon yellow, Bikini, so I decided to try them together.

Using my usual method, I painted two coats of the lighter colour (Utopia) and waited for it to dry a bit. Then I sponged on Bikini to the tips.

Since I love neon and nude together, I loved this look. A few people asked me about it too. I feel like it softens the brightness of the neon so it's a little less out there.

Bikini and Utopia

What do you think of this look?




  1. I love it, neon & nude look fantastic together. Great deal on the polish too! x


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