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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Wet and Wild Cosmetics Bloggers Brunch

Hi Everyone,

Recently I was kindly invited to the Wet and Wild bloggers brunch, held in the Morgan Hotel in Temple Bar.

Wet and Wild are a US brand which recently launched in Ireland. I am a big fan of US make up, especially drug store brands so I was really excited about the launch!

The best thing about Wet and Wild is the prices. I'm glad to see the prices are still so low as, so often, US make up gets a lot more expensive when it comes over here. Nothing is more than approx €6.50 and the vast majority of products are under €5!

For the price, the quality is really good. For example, the eyeliners are smooth and don't drag along your skin.

There's a wide range of nail polish colours in a variety of formulas. They have a lot of very current colours such as nudes as well as a range just for glitter - the 'Mega Rocks'!

I was lucky enough to get some products to try out. I was particularly keen to try the nail polish as everyone at the event was raving about them!

The two I tried out were Megalast in 'Through the Grapevine' and Mega Rocks 'Jam Session'. They are both purpley-y shades and I thought they would go well together. I applied two coats of the megalast.

The first thing I need to say is wow, the megalast brush is amazing! It makes painting your nails so easy. The brush is very flat and kind of tapered. I found it really easy to apply and had to do a lot less clean up than normal.

I had it on for four days before I took it off. There was some tip-wear but apart from that, it didn't really chip. This is brilliant for something so cheap when brands much more expensive can chip after a day.

The glitter needed just one coat. It wasn't too sparse like some brands, I was able to get decent coverage after one coat. Overall, I was really impressed with the nail products and thought they really punch above their weight.

I'll definitely be trying out more from this range, with prices and quality like this, you can't go wrong!




  1. I really like the Megalast polishes, the first time I used them the size of the brush shocked me! The formula is excellent for the price. Love W&W!


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