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Saturday, 26 July 2014

NOTD! OPI's Where did Suzi's Mango and Hand Placed Neon Studs

Hi Everyone,

Recently I bought some nail supplies from the Born Pretty Store ( It's basically a website based in China which has a huge amount of nail items such as utensils and bits and pieces for nail art. One of the items I bought was a wheel of neon studs. It cost about $5.

I thought I would try it out with this fun new colour I got from the OPI Brazil Collection - Where Did Suzi's Mango. It's obviously an orange colour with a creamy element to it. It's bright but not full on neon.

I applied two coats of the orange. While it was still wet, I started applying the studs.

They come in 6 different colours in both circular and square. I found the best way to apply them was with a wax pencil which picked up the stud easily and without any stickiness. I applied a layer of topcoat using Jessica's Brilliance to seal them on and 24 hours later all studs are still stuck on nicely!

I was particularly pleased with my right hand (as applied with my left). I felt like I got the studs pretty straight. I'm not terrible at nail art and my hands are fairly steady but it did go better than I expected.

Overall, I was very pleased with how it went and it's given me the confidence to try out more studs and things like that in the future.

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