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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Trip to Gozo, Malta

Hi Everyone,

Two years ago we first went to the island of Gozo in Malta and decided to go back again this year in late June.

I didn't know until I researched Malta that Malta the country is made up of three islands. They are Malta island, Gozo and Comino. Comino is tiny and almost no one lives there. Malta is the main island where the vast majority of things happen and Gozo is a more old fashioned and rural island. Gozo is tiny, only 14km by 7km in area. We were attracted here due to the quiet nature of it. Sleepy villages with a few restaurants and very little development.

Azure Window in Gozo
Sheer Cliffs!
You get to Gozo by flying to Malta and then getting a car ferry to Gozo. Last time we rented a villa in the village of Sannat directly from the owner, found through This time, that house was booked out so we stayed at a different house also owned by them. This one was in the village of Gharb.

The house we stayed in in 2012
The 2014 house
We absolutely loved both the villas. They are both converted farmhouses and amazingly pretty buildings. We had exclusive use of all amenities such as pool, BBQ, etc. The pool was very large for just two people and was nice and deep (maybe 2m at the deepest point). We loved the privacy of a villas and the ease of staying there. We had a full kitchen so could stock up on food and drinks. I often cooked meals or we used the BBQ. As we rented a car, we also went out for dinner some nights. I swam every day, it was lovely given the weather was so warm!

A kitty actually lived in the garden which was amazing, we fed it twice a day and it was so friendly and loving.

The garden was so beautiful - lush and green with amazing trees and flowers and wildlife like lizards!
To be honest, we did very little on holiday. Got up late, had some food, read my book, went for a swim etc. We only did two activities - wine tasting and we went to a shooting range. The wine tasting was in our village at Tal Massar vineyard. I highly recommend a visit if you are nearby. We tried four types of wine, grown at the vineyard. There were also traditional snacks such as cheese and an amazing tomato paste. We brought a few bottles of wine home.

We also visited Gun Blast Shooting range in Nadur. I have never shot a gun before and would generally be a bit nervy and scared of them. I got to try out a Glock pistol and I shot 50 rounds.

I was actually not too bad and hit lots of bullsyes (as well as quite a few not so near), however I did find it very nerve-wracking and I didn't love the recoil. I would definitely recommend going here, they were really nice and patient with me. I am glad I did it and it's a fun thing to say you have done!

Overall, I think Malta and Gozo in particular is a great place for a holiday. The weather is very sunny, no need for a jumper even in late evening when we were there (late June). It's perfect for relaxing and the island is so pretty. They also drive on the left, use three pin plugs and English is an official language so it's so easy to get about there. Food and drink is very cheap too so you don't spend much once you are there.

I would 100% recommend it to people looking for a quiet and beautiful holiday. Ryanair fly direct from Dublin a few times a week and it's only about 3.5 hours flight time so it's easy to get to.


  1. It looks like such a beautiful place! I never knew Malta comprised of 3 islands either. You look beautiful! Love the dress you're wearing in the second last picture. The shooting range would scare me I think!

    1. Thanks, it's from Karen Millen and it's currently on sale if you are interested! :)

  2. I loved Malta when I visited back in 2008. Gozo was beautiful too we just did a day trip there.


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