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Saturday, 16 August 2014

NOTD! Summer White Manicure

Hi Everyone,

White polish can be quite stark but it often looks really good in summer, especially with a bit of a tan (or a fake tan in my case).

My version
I got this idea from a picture I saw on Pinterest. I couldn't find the original of this picture after searching but I was pretty sure I could recreate it anyway.

The original photo I saw
I painted my nails with base coat and then two layers of OPI Alpine Snow. I then topped with a layer of Essie's Baby's Breath. It's very nearly white but with the tiniest hint of cream and pink. I thought it would take some of the starkness away.

It's a nice colour on its own too but it can be a little sheer so needs a lot of coats.

I topped all my nails but the right finger with Essie Carnival which is a glitter topcoat.

Once my ring fingers were dry, I cut a few small bits from my silver striping tape and stuck them on. I had to cut them a little on the sides to fit. I topped with two layers of quick dry top coat to seal in the stripes. I was going to do stripes up to the top but I liked the half nail of stripes so I left it at that.

I really love this look. It's quite different to my usual pinks and it's still very classic and classy. It was very simple to do as well.

I hope you like it too!



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