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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Color Club Poptastic Collection

Hi Everyone,

Recently I bought a few bits and pieces from the 'Poptastic' collection from Color Club. This is a vibrant collection with hot neon colours. I decided to try out two of the pinks from the main collection.

The first is 'Peace, Love and Polish'. It is a bright creamy pink but with a subtle orangey glow in some lights. You can see that glimmer in the top left corner of the bottle.

I love colours like this so it was right up my street. It reminds me of China Glaze's Pink Plumeria which I also own.

The next colour is 'Kapow!'. This is a much more blue-toned neon pink. It is extremely bright. I didn't use a white undercoat but I think if I did, it would have helped the colour pop even more.

Out of the two, I think I preferred 'Peace, Love and Polish' but this was a great colour too.

I also picked up the Color Club Poptastic Remix minis collection. I had such hassle buying this via ebay and it took a month in the end for domestic delivery due to a thousand excuses the seller made. Anyway, these are neon glitter topcoats.

L-R: My Generation. Do the Twist, Woodstock or Bust, British Invasion
I was really happy to find a set of minis as you can sample more colours for the same price and you are you are never going to use up the bottles one way or another...

These look super fun but I haven't had a chance to try them yet.

Overall, this Poptastic collection is so much fun and a must for neon lovers. I got my products on ebay as Color Club are hard enough to find over here.

Hope you enjoy!



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