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Sunday, 5 October 2014

DIY Hard Nails - Colour Changing Gel Polish Review

Hi Everyone,

Pink Frost - Cold at the tips, warm at the nail bed
I love reading the blog which mainly features gel polishes. A couple of months ago, a new brand called DIY Hard Nails was on the blog. It showed a gel polish which was white when warm and bright pink when cold and also had a silvery-white glitter running through it.

I had to have it! Amazon sell it, but only within the US. I decided to wait until my USA holiday and then order it to my hotel. My plan worked and it arrived no problem. I bought 'Pink Frost' and it cost about $15 plus another couple for shipping within the US.

Colour when cold
The polish comes with an ebook which tells you how to apply it. Take note that this is a gel polish which means you must own a UV light, plus all the other equipment like top coat, base coat and the liquid to remove the tacky layer of gel. I do already have all this.

Colour when warm
First steps were to cleanse the nail then apply my Shellac base coat and cured. Then I used two layers of DIY Hard Nails, curing between layers. Then I applied one layer of Shellac top coat. I found this colour so easy to use. There was no shrinkage at the tips and two coats was enough to get the right efffect. The only thing was was slightly weird is that the colour in the bottle is a dark pink but as soon as I applied it to the nail, it turned white. It makes sense as it is hitting a warmer surface but it was disconcerting at first.

Somewhere between hot and cold
Once it was all applied, it worked perfectly straight away. If you put your hand under a cold tap, the nails will all go hot pink. If you put your hand under a warm tap, they will go white.

I found that the majority of the time, the colour was white on me. This was because generally I am in warm places like my house or the office. It would often change colour, generally when I was cold or started doing something new - for example if I handled something, When I went outside, it would change colour. As I mentioned before, washing my hands would cause a change in colour too. Sometimes one finger would be one shade and another was totally different.

Sometimes they did have a French manicure style to them but for the majority of the day, they didn't get that effect.

I kept the polish on for about 16 days. Yes, after 16 days it was lifting up a bit, but I found this wore better than any other gel polish I apply myself. I am not a pro and have never been properly trained on gel manicures so I was amazed and delighted I could get 16 days from my own application. The ebook I got with purchase helps with tips on how to apply.

Overall, this was honestly one of the best ever nail products I've ever used. My nails were in a constant state of flux and it was so much fun looking down to see what colours and patterns were on them at any time. The application and wear was amazing.

From looking at the company's Facebook, I think they are starting to ship internationally now so check there for updates Here is the amazon link as well. I know I will be buying more once I get to Canada.


  1. What an awesome colour! I love thermal polishes and own quite a number. I have yet to own a gel one though. This is SO PRETTY!

    1. Thanks! :)This is my first thermal of any kind so I was pretty enchanted! :)

  2. It looks gorgeous! 16 days is amazing. I haven't used a gel polish yet at all, despite having the lamp & kit for over a year!


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