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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Move to Canada! Toronto so Far...

Hi Everyone,

I moved to Toronto from Dublin about 2.5 weeks ago. I was lucky that I was able to get a downtown apartment organised before I arrived. The location is perfect - only a 15 min walk to work. I'm only staying here a couple months before getting something bigger when my boyfriend arrives. The view is amazing - this is what I can see from my window!

My office is super central and I can take the PATH (underground tunnel network) most of the way. There are lots of nice places for lunch and a lot of food courts in the area too. I've been enjoying Tim Hortons donuts as well!

I'm very near the Air Canada centre too where they play ice hockey (or hockey as I've been told to say).

I had a few days off between arriving and starting work so I was able to get things set up - phone, bank account etc. The phone plans here are pretty expensive compared to Ireland! I took the opportunity to get myself an iPhone 6 and a sparkley case. I love it, the bigger screen is a big improvement.

I came here just before Thanksgiving. It's at a different time to American Thanksgiving and it seems like less of a big deal here. It's a fun time though, I am enjoying all the pumpkin pie!

I've done quite a bit of shopping while I've been here - mainly preparing for the cold winter ahead. In fact, it's been pretty warm here so far. It was 22C one of the days! I think it's going to get colder in the next week though. To get ready, I bought myself a Mackage 'Kay' coat. I have it on good authority that this will keep me warm.

I also picked up a scarf, hand warmers, a second, lighter coat and a pair of Skechers for walking around.

I did also get my nails done - I went for some gel polish so that I could not worry about chips while I was busy setting things up. It went to Get Gelled. They specialise in classy nail art and gel polish. I picked them as they had a great gallery of pictures on their Facebook page so I knew I was going to get something good!

I picked a glitter and white design. It lasted for a full two weeks until I decided to remove it for something new. It was a great mani with great attention to detail but I will say it was not cheap.

So far everything has gone really well here, it's really fun discovering the city. I have joined some meet up groups and am also trying out some aerial yoga and refomer pilates to keep myself busy. I feel like I am starting to get familiar with things now and don't feel totally lost every time I step out the door! Onwards and upwards!


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  2. sounds like you are settling in really well! i've been to toronto on holiday years ago and i've always thought it was one of the very best cities i've been to! take care and continued success to you! x


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