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Monday, 27 October 2014

Sephora Favorites Lash Stash

Hi Everyone,

One of the great things about living in Downtown Toronto is that there's a big Sephora really close by. I love when it starts getting near to Xmas as I know Sephora do really great gift sets at this time of year.

Mascara is one of my favourite things so I had to get this box set. It's a box of samples of various mascaras - 10 in total - and some make up remover.

Since I only bought it a couple of days ago, I have only tried one so far - the YSL Babydoll. I've actually wanted to try out YSL's masacaras for some time so I'm glad to be finally trying it.

Mascaras can vary enormously. What's great about this set is it allows you to try out lots of different ones without splashing out. If you don't like some, at least you didn't buy the full size...

There are a lot of great brands here - Lancome, Clinique, YSL, Urban Decay as well as brands I'm not so familiar with like Josie Maran and Buxom.

This cost C$54+tax. I would definitely recommend it if you are a mascara fan like me!

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