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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Recent Haul from

Hi Everyone,

Recently I made an order on This is a website that has a lot of really great brands at good prices. Especially with the poor performance of the CAD against the USD, it makes sense to shop Canadian as the great value you used to get buying USD items isn't there right now.

They have some great brands like OPI, Essie, Shellac, China Glaze and Zoya as well as more indie brands like Emily de Molly and A England and shipping is free over $25 CAD.

I decided to pick up a few colours I have been wanting to try for a while. The total was $80 inc free shipping. I got 2x CND Vinylux, 2x Essie and 2x China Glaze Gelaze. The order took about a week to get to me and shipping via Canada Post from BC to me in Ontario. Overall I thought the experience was good and would happily buy more there again.

I haven't worn any of the polishes yet as it only just arrived but here they are:

I have wanted to try out Vinylux after getting it done in a salon and it not chipping. They have a new collection out so I got these two lovely colours. The first is 'Thistle Thicket'. It's a grey/light blue depending on the light (as you can see below).

The next is wild moss which is an olive green with a fine gold sparkle. It really does remind me of moss. I feel like this is a unique colour and I am excited to try it.

The two Essies were colours I have wanted for a long time so I finally decided to order them. The first is Van D'Go. It's a pale but still bright peachy colour. I think this will look great coming into summer.

I also got 'Topless and Barefoot'. I love these nude, skin colour type colours and this one looks like a great version. 

I also got two Chine Glaze Gelaze colours. Gelaze is a UV gel system which means it must be cured to set properly. I already have all the bits and pieces needed for gel so I decided to try these out. The colours seem to be matches of popular CG normal nail polish shades so I got one of my all time favourites - Flip Flop Fantasy. This is a neon orangey peach shade and looks great when the sun is shining!

I also picked up Purple Panic. I know from looking at swatches online that it's actually more of a pink so I thought I would try it out. You can see this from the photo below too that even though the bottle is purple the colour inside is more pink. I don't have the normal polish version of this one. Again, it's nice and bright. 

I also picked up two other Essies, one from Ebay and one from the local drug store.

Essie have a new collection out for spring 2015 called Flowerista. The 'Blossom Dandy' shade stuck out to me. It's a pale turquoise/green and is a colour tone that I don't have much of. 

The final polish I bought is Essie's 'Cocktail Bling'. I picked it up in Shoppers Drug Mart. I don't have enough grey colours so I thought this one would do nicely. It's also the shade I am wearing on my nails in the photos. After 3 days I am noticing some chips but it's a good polish overall.

Hope you enjoyed my haul! Looking forward to trying these all out!



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