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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Shellac's Butterfly Queen - Pink Glitter Gel Polish!

Hi Everyone,

Recently I went out to Pacific Mall, just outside Toronto. I found a shop there called Phoenix Beauty Lounge. I recognised their name from their website,

There I found a great selection of polishes, including the full range of Shellac. I was so excited to see they had Butterfly Queen from the new Garden Muse collection. Butterfly Queen is a dense pink glitter in a pink jelly base.

I like to do my own gel nails a lot of the time. As this is Shellac, which is a gel polish, I used the Shellac base and top coat and cured under an LED light. Yes, Shellac is supposed to be cured with UV but I have found no difference in performance curing with LED and LED cures more quickly.

I used three coats of this but I didn't find it thick at all after that. There is a beautiful shine from it and it looks amazing in direct light!

Shellac is so much easier to remove than Gelish but I find the colours are always a little tamer. I wish they made more colours like this! This is definitely one of my favourite Shellac colours.

It's already been on for three days in these photos so hopefully I can get the full two weeks out of it! This colour is perfect for summer but I feel like it could be great for the Xmas party season too.

Hope you like it too!



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