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Welcome to my blog!

I am an actuary working in Toronto, Canada. I moved over in October 2014 after living my whole life in Dublin, Ireland. I am in my late twenties and I love nails, cosmetics, hair and shopping. I particularly love online shopping and finding beauty bargains from all over the world.

I also love maths, numbers and anything technical and I have a degree in Financial Maths. I have also just qualified as a actuary (FIA - Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries). If you know what an actuary is, you probably think it's a pretty boring job full of boring people, but that's not me!

My dual love of nails and maths gives rise to the name of this blog!

I also love travel and try to visit a few new places every year. I also get to travel with my job some times.

I have a cat and I am a bit cat mad - I love to spoil him.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

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